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Goldfinches in Southeast Arizona

GOLDFINCHES in SOUTHEAST ARIZONA by Jon Freidman Attracting Southeastern Arizona birders have experienced a phenomenal increase in the numbers of goldfinches that can be attracted to our backyard birding stations. Twenty years ago and more, it took us months to attract our first goldfinches. Patience, we reminded ourselves as we did our customers, is the number one rule for birders. The preferred food for the intended species and the right feeder to deliver that food is number two. Understanding these principles will always reward us and the birds. Nyjer seed, unlike true thistle, is the preferred choice of seed for...

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COWBIRDS A View of Unconventional Birdlife©June 2011, Jon Friedman Family Cowbirds belong to the Troupial (TROOP-ih-al) family of birds. The name is derived from their habit of gathering in large flocks or troupes. There are 91 species within the family and all are found only in the Western Hemisphere. In North America there are 22 species, including the well-known blackbirds, orioles, grackles, meadowlarks and bobolink. The family is a remarkably diverse group, differing greatly in size (from 6½" to 21"), color, habits and behavior. Males and females are easily distinguished by color and markings. Males tend to be more colorful...

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ORIOLES By Jon & Shani Friedman (Author’s note: If you are serious about attracting Orioles to your yard on a regular everyday basis, refer to our archive of recent year’s newsletter articles on our website – wildbirdsonline.com. Click on the box titled “birding articles”, third box from left at the top of the home page. Following the advice and directions you read there will increase your likelihood of success with attracting Orioles (and perhaps tanagers, too). However, be aware that the best chance for success is dependent upon setting up your oriole station now, at the beginning of the oriole...

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Being Successful In Attracting and Feeding Orioles

BEING SUCCESSFUL IN ATTRACTING & FEEDING ORIOLES Orioles are not as common or abundant as most of our year round resident birds. Yet, as a migratory species, they are reliably present from early spring to fall. We have had orioles at our station from as early as February until as late as early November. Bullock' Oriole by SearchNetMedia.com Orioles (and their relatives, like the tanagers) have beautiful and strikingly colorful plumage, their exquisite and fluid songs, and their parenting and nesting abilities make them very desirable birds to attract and observe. The relatively small effort to attract and feed orioles...

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Quail Behavior, Traits, and Characteristics

Quail Behavior, Traits, & Characteristics by Jon Friedman Introduction The more we know about bird behavior, the better we understand the natural history and everyday lives of birds. Of course, this statement is true for all the living entities we examine. This includes humans and other mammals, all animals, insects, plants, and microorganisms. But this article will be limited to taking a closer look at one of our favorite backyard birds, found throughout the Sonoran Desert and beyond: Gambel’s Quail. Family Members Arizona has four distinct species of the quail family. Gambel’s Quail are the most numerous and popular species....

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