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The Northern Mockingbird: Part One (Mimus polyglottos)

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The Northern Mockingbird: Part One (Mimus polyglottos)

Photo by Doris Evans Article By Jon Friedman Mimidae Mockingbirds belong to the family of birds called Mimidae (MIM-ih-dee) which includes 31 species in the Western Hemisphere and to which eleven call North America home. Other members include the catbirds and the thrashers, some warblers and vireos, thrushes, and starlings among others. Parrots and mynahs, other well-known non-Mimidae “mimics,” have only been found to copy vocalizations in captivity. By comparison, the average male Marsh Warbler mimics seventy-six other species. In fact, sonographic studies of this bird’s songs have shown that almost the entire repertoire has been pilfered from other birds....

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