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Cardinal Feeder


Jon's Cardinal Feeder- Created by the founder of The Wild Bird Store

Cardinals no longer have to wait at the periphery of the yard for the feeding frenzy to quiet down before coming to the feeder. Now, with this feeder for their exclusive use, they can feed undisturbed from sunrise to sunset. This weight-activated feeder accommodates the entire cardinal family - from fledglings to adults. All other birds, both heavier and lighter than cardinals, cannot feed. Lighter weight birds do not weigh enough to activate the perch and feeding gate. Heavier birds weigh down the perch and feeding gate, denying themselves access to the food port. The Cardinal Feeder comes preset to average cardinal weight but can be adjusted to accommodate many other common backyard birds. Black-headed, Rose-breasted and Blue Grosbeaks, Pyrrhuloxias and Northern Cardinals all share this feeder in the desert southwest. The body of the feeder is made of inland incense cedar – wood recognized for its rugged durability, weather and insect resistance, and beautiful grain and surface qualities. Only rust-proof metal hardware is used and the clear window is UV-stable polycarbonate. Use a fresh, high-quality all-seed mix (no grains) for best results in attracting the desired birds. The ideal mix for this feeder should be composed of sunflowers, safflower and hemp seeds, Avoid grains and small seeds like millets, rape, flax, Nyjer, etc. Try our Exclusively Cardinal Mix, hand blended in small batches in our workshop!

Hang or pole mount. Comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions for checking weight settings, changing the weights to feed other species, a coin weight bag, and feeding tips.

Approximately 12" high

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