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About our Songbird Feeders

 We designed our Songbird Feeders to keep out the larger and more aggressive ground feeders such as Dove and Pigeon. The more exotic of the songbirds (such as Cardinals, Pyrrhuloxia, and Grosebeaks) are somewhat wary, timid birds. They will be more comfortable at feeders that have less competition.  All of the Songbird feeders are meant for Cardinals and smaller sized birds (Finches, Sparrows, Chickadees, Buntings, etc.). We see the Cardinals and Pyrrhuloxia two to three times more often on our Songbird feeders than we do on normal tube type feeders! Be sure to use only seeds in these feeders. Most songbirds do not eat grains! Sunflowers are always a winner or check out our Complete Patio Blend. These feeders are not designed to be squirrel proof.

Many of our original designs were created in response to customer requests. When our customers outline their backyard feeder problems, we listen carefully and develop solutions for them with field-tested feeders that are proven effective. Our feeders are practical and functional, yet well designed and attractive. Many of our innovative designs are not to be found anywhere else. We have thousands of satisfied customers who have been successfully using our products for almost a decade.

The beautiful linseed oiled finish can be renewed on an as-needed basis by simply applying an 80% linseed oil and 20% mineral spirits mixture to the exterior surface once or twice a year. This will keep the honey-colored wood new looking for many years. Or, do nothing to the feeder and the wood will eventually turn a silvery-gray color with a more rustic finish - similar to that of old barn wood. Either way, the high quality cedar will endure for many years of birdfeeding pleasure.