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Parthenon Feeder

This newly revised version of one of our best-selling dove/pigeon-proof feeders is a slightly downsized model of the original, but with some important improvements. Unlike the older, larger model that was made from western red cedar, the new models are constructed from inland incense cedar – a much more durable, insect/weather-proof wood. The roof lifts off completely for easy filling. This model is designed to allow all the songbirds (cardinals, Pyrrhuloxia, grosbeaks, finches, buntings, etc.) access to the seed but will not allow larger birds (doves, pigeons, grackles, etc.) to feed. The 2-1/2” deep platform tray holds 4-6 pounds of seed without spilling. So, no doves on or in the feeder and no doves below the feeder waiting for spillage. Standard features include hardwood dowels, double rust-proof screening, and rust proof hardware and hinges. Comes either as a hanging or pole/post mount model. This feeder has a lifetime guarantee for twenty years of normal use. Not guaranteed against squirrel or raccoon damage. Made by and for The Wild Bird Store exclusively.

Approximately: Roof 20" x 14", Platform/ tray 14" x 8", Height 12"


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