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Nuts 'n' Bugs Testimonials

photo by Diane Poleyquiva

Pyrrhuloxia and Mourning Dove sharing Nuts n Bugs

Photo by Diane Poleyquiva

Nuts 'n' Bugs

From J. Pietsch in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania:
"I was on vacation last week and watched the bluebird feeder closely. I held back on the mealworm and observed the parent bluebirds feed the Nuts 'n' Bugs to the fledglings. The fledglings started coming to the top of the feeder to wait for the parents to feed them. The parents would take some of the Nuts 'n' Bugs in their beak and give it to the fledglings. Since then the fledglings are feeding themselves and I had observed them also eat the Nuts 'n' Bugs when there is no mealworms. Then last Sunday I saw a fledgling go to the feeder and eat the Nuts 'n' Bugs when there were a few mealworms in the tray. He ate quite a bit of Nuts 'n' Bugs and then ate 2 mealworms before flying off. They are eating it during the day when I am at work, because I have to fill the feeder every other day. I have also seen the Titmouse feed it to their young and now the young are coming to the feeder and eating it on their own as well. The Carolina Wren are also eating it and carrying it to their young.


Arizona Woodpecker eating Nuts n Bugs

photo by Clarisa Friedman

From K. Stevens in South Carolina:
"Nuts 'n' Bugs are a "hit" with our birds! We're delighted with the new variety of insect eating birds we've attracted!...Some of the new birds we've attracted are: Hairy Woodpecker (year round), Red-bellied Woodpecker (year round), Eastern Bluebird (year round), Carolina Wren (year round), Carolina Chickadee (year round), Pine Warbler (spring/summer), Tufted Titmouse (lots), Brown headed Nuthatch (year round), Slate-colored Junco (fall/winter), White-throated Sparrow (year round), Yellow Warbler, Pine Siskin (year round), Goldfinch (year round), and Mockingbird (year round)."

From C. Henling in Birmingham, Alabama:
"I've been using your Nuts 'n' Bugs wild bird meal for 3 years or so. It has been very well received where I live. Not only do the woodpeckers (Downy, Red-bellied, Red-headed) I was trying to attract, love it, but also our year-round chickadees, nuthatches, and wrens. In the winter it attracts Pine warblers, Yellow-rumped warblers, and sapsuckers. All seem to prefer this meal to the commercially prepared suet cakes I also provide. The meal holds up very well in our hot and humid summers. I highly recommend Nuts 'n' Bugs as an attractive food source."

From J. Lamb in upstate New York:
"With over 110 inches of snow so far this winter, the Nuts 'n' Bugs in the Multi-feeder is tremendously successful in snow country. There's no problem in the cold weather because it does not freeze. Our local seed stores do not have any products that can rival Nuts 'n' Bugs. For the first time ever, we have seen bluebirds, in early fall, at your "Multi Feeder"! Many other species were attracted, as well, but the bluebirds and flycatchers were an unexpected joy!"