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Nuts 'n' Bugs


If you had to choose just one food for birds, one they would not only survive on, but actually thrive on, Nuts 'n' Bugs is it! Created from a recipe of ground peanuts and dehydrated insects (over 1000 per pound), it has calcium, soybean meal, and rendered suet to bring in insect and nut eating birds. With Nuts 'n' Bugs you can attract a wide variety of insect eating birds- many of which are not attracted to seeds. This wild bird meal contains 50% fat which birds need daily, 20% protein derived mostly from the high insect content, and 7.7% calcium for thicker eggshells and strong bones.

Some of the birds that can be seen eating Nuts 'n' Bugs include:

  • woodpeckers
  • flickers
  • sapsuckers
  • thrashers
  • cactus wrens
  • wrens
  • flycatchers
  • thrushes
  • warblers
  • verdins
  • vireos
  • nuthatches
  • gnatcatchers, and
  • chickadees,
  • just to name a few.

Perfect for use in our Nuts 'n' Bugs feeders. You can pack it into a suet feeder or tree bark as well. Made for year- round use, it does not melt or drip- even in our blazing Arizona summers! It does not freeze in the winters of Central New York State!

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