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Multi Feeder for Nuts 'n' Bugs Insect Meal


The Multi-Feeder is the most versatile of the Nuts 'n' Bugs feeders. This feeder is designed to attract and feed the multitude of insect eating birds, from larger clinging species (woodpeckers, flickers, and sapsuckers) to the smaller perching species (wrens, warblers, titmice, etc.). Just pack the Nuts 'n' Bugs Insect Meal into the four food ports. Two sides have small perches and two sides have grooves for clinging. Because the Multi-Feeder attracts the widest variety of insect eating birds, it is the most popular Nuts 'n' Bugs feeder with our customers. Made of beautiful, durable, weather and insect resistant inland incense or Port Orford incense cedar.

Approximately 4" X 4" X 12"

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